Chunk Fusky and Snout

Нью . Йорк, 1907. . A. . L. . Burt. . Издательский переплет, сохранность хорошая, на обложке небольшие потертости. . It is some time ago since . I told my children the story of . THE . WILD . PIGS and . I find that now they crave for stronger food, and that . I cannot set such a simple dish before them. . It is a comfort, however, to think of the many homes with little people who are not yet too old to take an interest in the adventures of . Chunk, . Fusky, and . Snout, and who, even if they cannot read, can anyhow point with their little pink fingers to the pictures . Mr. . Parkinson has drawn with so much skill. . To these little unknown friends . I commend the fortunes of . THE . WILD . PIGS. . Gerald . Young. . Издание не подлежит вывозу за пределы . Российской . Федерации.